Austin Champ

Posted by Thomas M. Lemmon on May 03, 2019

Austin Champ

Austin Champ. The Austin Champ is the civilian version of a British Army vehicle made by the Austin Motor Company. The army version was officially known as "Truck, 1/4 ton, CT, 4×4, Cargo & FFW, Austin Mk.1" however the civilian name "Champ" was universally, if unofficially, applied to it.

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  • Date: May 03, 2019
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Austin CHAMP For Sale. 1952 Austin Champ - Rust Free - Imported From Australia. 1952 Austin Champ Chassis Number WN1-1912 Imported From Australia This Champ was an exhibit in the Australian Tank Museum, Victoria Rust free - no rot or repairs that we can see.

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