Commercial Vehicle Zimra

Posted by Britney T. Everly on November 04, 2017

Commercial Vehicle Zimra

Commercial Vehicle Zimra Vehicles By Private .... The importation of motor vehicles by private individuals is treated more or less like the importation of other goods. The following legal requirements apply when one imports a motor vehicle for private use;

Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA. Website of the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA) - News, Notices, Taxation and Service Information, Forms, etc.

Commercial Vehicle Zimra

Car Importer Takes Zimra To Court Over Forex Duty. A BULAWAYO man has taken the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (Zimra) to court challenging its decision to charge him duty in foreign currency for his imported vehicle. The vehicle, a Toyota Hilux was

Taxation Of Motoring Benefits. Tax Act. An example is that of a motoring benefit which an employer may offer to an employee for usage of a motor vehicle as part of the employee’s conditions of employment.

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Zimbabwe Cross-Border Information. Dialling Code(00263) Contact Details: Zimbabwean Consulate Tel: 011 615 0290/5879 Email: [email protected]: Beitbridge Border Post +263 862 2303 / 2366

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